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Textured Wall Coverings

A unique idea for wall coverings! Let Design-R-Wall help you with wall covering ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How many years has Design•R Wall® been in business?

Design•R Wall® has been pleasing customers and enhancing home décor for 22 years. Much of our business is generated from repeat orders from previous clients. Our staff is knowledgeable and committed to customer satisfaction.

2. Can I install Design•R Wall® myself?

Yes, by following the precise instructions included with your Design•R Wall ® shipment, you will be able to install and enjoy a professional custom wall or ceiling. Our staff is always on hand to answer any questions.

3. Where can I buy Design•R Wall®?

Design R Products has dealers located throughout the United States. We will direct you to the dealer nearest you. Contact us by e-mail or toll-free at 814-654-7509 specifying your city and state. If there is no dealer in your immediate area, you may place your order for direct shipment from the warehouse.

4. If I buy direct, where do you ship?

We ship worldwide. All packages are sent UPS unless otherwise specified.

5. Where do I purchase B.I.N?

At any local hardware store or anywhere home improvement items are sold.

6. What will happen if I don't prime my wall using B.I.N.?

Sealing all surfaces with BIN Primer/Sealer is essential! Without proper sealing, walls may warp or surface bleeding may occur and discolor your finish. Proper priming is necessary to protect your walls and produce a blemish free outcome.

7. Can I use a regular paint roller cover?

No. A regular roller cover has a nap that will not allow the Design•R Wall® to adhere to the wall. The Design•R Wall® roller cover has been designed especially for this product.

8. How long does Design•R Wall® take to dry?

24 - 48 hours. Drying time will decrease if you place an oscillating fan in the room.

9. What do I do if I have to stop unexpectedly in the middle of applying Design•R Wall®?

Try not to stop in the middle of a wall. Stop at a corner if possible. Cover mixed product with a damp cloth. Mixture may be left standing for a few days maximum. If application is delayed for a more lengthy time, refrigerate or freeze the wet Design R Wall ®. When resuming your project, mist about 12 inches of the dried portion of Design R Wall ® with water from a spray bottle to restore its wet consistency. Now blend the previous application with the wet mix. This will restore continuity to your application process. Continue rolling product as before.

10. How do I clean Design•R Wall®?

First, remove any loose soil by vacuuming or lightly brushing. Clean with a solution of cold water and clear liquid detergent in a misting bottle. Then blot or dab with a sponge or cloth .

11. Can you put Design•R Wall® in a bathroom?

Yes! With no seams to loosen, it is well suited to high moisture areas. When applying Design R Wall ® in the bathroom, you will need extra glue. Inform the Design R Wall ® representative when you order.

12. How do you remove Design•R Wall® ?

Completely saturate the area and simply scrape the wet Design•R Wall® off your wall.

13. Can Design•R Wall® be re-used?

Yes. Store in refrigerator (up to 1 week) or freezer (indefinitely) until ready to re-use. Then thaw and bring to room temperature adding more water and glue(if needed) and apply on primed area.

14. Can you paint over Design•R Wall®?

Yes. Once Design•R Wall® is dry you can paint over it if you choose: however, painting will prevent removing as directed in question #12.

15. Is Design•R Wall® easy to repair?

Yes. For small scratches, saturate the area to be repaired and blend it into the damaged area. For large areas saturate and remove the damaged Design•R Wall® and roll new product in, blending edges.

16. Is Design•R Wall® soil resistant?

Design R Wall® has a degree of soil resistance, but you can spray on a fabric protector, such as Scotch Guard, for added protection.

In high traffic areas you can apply a clear protector. We recommend a light polyurethane (you will want to test a small area before applying). Polyurethane can be purchased in flat (natural look), satin (slight shine), or gloss (high shine, plastic looking), depending on the look you desire. The reusability feature will be lost with the application of polyurethane, and repairs will be require a wallpaper steamer to remove. And repairs will require a wallpaper steamer to remove.

17. Can I add anything to Design•R Wall®?

Yes. While mixing your Design•R Wall® you can add glitter, yarn or any other type of decoration to add more color or texture. Some items may dye your Design•R Wall® so you may want to test it before adding it to your entire mixture.

18. Can I apply Design•R Wall® over wallpaper or do I have to remove it?

Yes, you can apply right over wallpaper after removing any loose areas and priming the area with 2 solid coats of B.I.N. primer.

19. Can I apply Design•R Wall ® over paneling?

Yes, fill in the grooves with joint compound and apply 2 solid coats of B.I.N. primer. The same applies for concrete block.

20. Can two or more colors be mixed?

Yes, all Design•R Wall® styles and colors can be mixed together.

21. If I find bare spots after my Design•R Wall® is dry what do I do?

Re-wet the area, roll on and blend in using any leftover material.

22. How safe is Design R Wall ®?

Design R Wall ® had been thoroughly tested and rates to government standards. It is non-toxic, odorless and has a Class A fire rating, making it entirely safe for children and pets.

BIN Primer/Sealer is a fast drying, pure shellac base undercoat with no toxic pigments. BIN conforms to federal specifications for a primer coating (TTP-652a).

An information packet is available on request including actual Design-R-Wall® samples.
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