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Textured Wall Coverings

A unique idea for wall coverings! Let Design-R-Wall help you with wall covering ideas!

Estimating Guide
1. Add the length and width of the room together and double it.
EXAMPLE: 12' + 22' = 34' X 2= 68'

2. Multiply the answer by the ceiling height.
EXAMPLE: 68' X 8' = 544' total square feet of room.

3. Figure the square footage of the area not to be covered, doors and windows.
EXAMPLE: 4.5' X 3.5' = 15.75 X 2 = 31.5 window sq. ft.;
82 + 41 = 123 sq. ft. of door; 31.5 + 123 = 154.5 sq. ft. not covered.

4. Subtract the above number from the total square feet.
EXAMPLE: 544' - 154.5' = 389.5 sq. ft.

5. Divide the total square feet by 40.
EXAMPLE: 389.5 sq. ft. / 40 = 9.73 or 10 bags.

Additional Suggestions:

If ALL instructions are followed, your coverage will be approximately 35-45 square feet when Design R Wall® is rolled on. When spraying, the coverage will increase to about 65 square feet. Spraying is highly recommended for larger areas. See Spray Gun Application.

To avoid the risk of running out of Design R Wall®, or in the event you may want to patch an area later, you may want to purchase an extra bag.

Be sure to patch all imperfections to maximize square footage.

Before you begin, please read all the links in the menu under Installation Guide.

An information packet is available on request including actual Design-R-Wall® samples.
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