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Textured Wall Coverings

A unique idea for wall coverings! Let Design-R-Wall help you with wall covering ideas!

Installation General Information
Whether you're a homeowner or contractor you can apply Design R Wall® using basic equipment and instruction. It's the perfect interior wall treatment for both home and business.

Design R Wall® comes packaged in protective plastic bags containing an instruction sheet and enough product to cover approximately 35-45 square feet. (Be sure to follow directions for ultimate coverage.) After priming per instructions, Design R Wall® can be applied to plaster, sheet rock, concrete, wallpaper, plywood, paneling or other similar surfaces.

Defects such as nail holes; cracks and uneven surfaces are easily masked with our textured wallcoating. Design R Wall® resists cracking, is odorless, flame retardant and environmentally friendly. The fibers absorb sound and insulate the surface area making it one of the most attractive acoustic insulators available.

Before you begin, please read all the pages in the navigation menu under Installation Guide.

An information packet is available on request including actual Design-R-Wall® samples.
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